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American Roofing Contractors Now Offering Roofing Services for Fall


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2014 -- American Roofing Contractors of Philadelphia is now offering roofing services for fall 2014. It is important for homeowners to get roofing work done before winter comes, when roofing issues can become exacerbated and it is much more difficult to have repairs and installations done. Get roofs inspected regularly to avoid leaks in homes and businesses. Weather, age, and corrosion can damage roofs, and it’s better to take care of them before catastrophe strikes.

American Roofing Contractors specializes in several flat roofing types for all residential buildings. They strive to offer several high quality options, including hot asphalt roofs. Roofs made from this material tend to last longer than traditional roofs. This sustainable, tar-like substance allows the homeowner to easily perform minor repairs and recoat problems areas. This is a convenient option for many busy residents.

Asphalt shingle roofing is another popular option that American Roofing Contractors installs and repairs. This material is also long lasting, and because it is readily available it is one of the most affordable roofing styles. Shingles come in many colors to match most facades and landscapes.

American Roofing Contractors provides Slate and Tile repairs on residential roofs in Philadelphia and surrounding areas. Though most new constructions don’t have slate roofs, slate is one of the most durable roofing materials and will last for many years. Technicians will help customers decide on what works best for their home.

Finally, make sure to have a contractor look at gutters and downspouts. If these items do not drain properly, water can accumulate around the home’s foundation and leak into the basement. American Roofing Contractors can easily install new gutters and downspouts to replace old ones that no longer function properly.

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