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American Roofing Contractors of Philadelphia Now Preparing Roofs for Winter


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/23/2014 -- American Roofing Contractors of Philadelphia is now performing roof maintenance to prepare homeowners for winter. The coming winter is expected to be especially harsh, perhaps even more so than last year’s, and the company wants to remind its customers to make sure their roofs are protected.

Cracked shingles can become worse as the temperature drops, leading to leaks and collapses under heavy snow. Clogged gutters not only attract cockroaches and ants, but they can keep water from draining off the roof. When this water freezes it creates ice dams, which prevent snow from melting and running off the roof. This lingering snow will create leaking and water damage that will be much more expensive to fix.

While cleaning gutters, American Roofing Contractors technicians will check for shingle granules, which are a sign of wear and tear that can mean it’s time to replace roof shingles. American Roofing Contractors is experienced with all types of roof shingles including flat roofing, asphalt, hot asphalt, slate, and tile. Asphalt is one of the most popular shingle options because they are affordable and last a long time. Hot asphalt is made from oil and lasts even longer. This type of roof makes minor repairs and recoating easy.

Slate and tile roofs are exceedingly durable, and though they’re not common on houses in the area, American Roofing Contractors technicians are trained to perform maintenance on them.

Don’t let roofs get damaged during this harsh winter. Visit American Roofing Contractors online or call 215-437-3320 for a full roof inspection.

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