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American Roofing Contractors Prepare Homes for Autumn with Gutter Installation


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2015 -- Philadelphia-area winters are frequently characterized by long periods of drizzle and heavy rain. During these periods of wet weather, homeowners who have no gutters or damaged gutters are at risk. Rainfall not properly diverted by gutters can seep into the home's walls and foundation, causing progressive damage that threatens the integrity of the entire structure. American Roofing Contractors of Philadelphia can help homeowners prepare their homes for the oncoming onslaught of rain with gutter installation service in Northeast Philadelphia.

Gutter installation from American Roofing Contractors is affordable and convenient. Their expert associates will schedule an appointment with homeowners to inspect the property and determine the cost of the project and time needed. American Roofing Contractors offers a variety of materials, like aluminum and copper, to suit a range of budgets. After gutter installation, the home will be protected from rainfall.

Without gutters that function properly, homes can be subjected to a variety of damages. Siding can suffer water damage and rot. Water can also pool at the foundation, weakening the structure or causing water damage in the basement. Plants and the home's lawn are also at risk from damage if gutters do not correctly divert rainfall away from the house. American Roofing Contractors can repair damaged siding and gutters if the homeowner wishes. They also recommend maintenance to prevent gutter damages.

Homeowners don't have to wait for timely gutter installation service in Bucks County. Those in need of gutter installation and repair should call American Roofing Contractors at 215-437-3320 or visit the company online at with questions.

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