American Women Launch Indiegogo to Help Ugandan Women

Ndoto To Bring Hope To Africa


Beaufort, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2014 -- A thousand shillings a day. The equivalence in US dollars of $.37 cents, but for a woman in Uganda, that's a full day's wages. When rent is 57,000 shillings a month, and robbery or illness make it difficult to get even the thousand, having a home for her family becomes something of a dream. An American mother-daughter team of entrepreneurs wants to change that by bringing these same women hope through their new business, Ndoto. They have launched an Indigogo campaign to create a co-op of women in Uganda who will manufacture beautiful clothing and jewelry at above market wages.

Jennings and Ryan aren't just any American women. Between them this mother-daughter team has been to Uganda 13 times in the last five years, working together with a non-profit organization, Ten Eighteen Inc. Ten Eighteen offers micro grants to women as business nest eggs to start businesses and create economic opportunity for themselves. Being on the ground in Uganda, Jennings and Ryan began to see the challenges these women face and that the 'gift' of a micro grant could as easily become a burden in the face of thieves and other adversities. They began formulating the idea of eliminating some of the challenges by setting up a co-op where women fashion jewelry and distinctive clothing and other accessories for sale in the US, giving the women a job without them relying on outside assistance, and earning them self-reliance as well as self-respect.

The women seek funding for the salaries of current women ready to work, as well as initial materials and work space. The goal is to have a limited-inventory shop running by Thanksgiving, just in time for the Christmas gift-giving season, with a full store coming in 2015. And angel investors in this project will not only be rewarded with clothing, accessories and shopping coupons, but there's the possibility of a trip to Uganda and special adventures with gorillas, as well as the satisfaction of knowing their dollars help build the self-reliance of women.

For more information, visit WOMEN - Helping Women in Uganda.

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