American Zen Master Attacked by a Wannabe

Master Hughes an experienced technical trainer


Jacksonville, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/07/2012 -- Master Hughes has been overrun by individuals trying to gain attention by using his name since gaining overwhelming recognition.

Zen master Hughes has been overwhelmed by people on the internet. Every martial arts instructor with the name of Hughes, now call themselves Master Hughes.

Going to great extent to publicize themselves on sites YouTube and blogs. Many individuals use Master Hughes Name on their sites just to try to draw traffic and mislead people. Be aware that Master Hughes does not associate or lend his credibility to these individuals. Master Hughes stated” These individuals use cheap internet tricks to attempt to make money.” There is no way to discredit their social engineering except to publish this alert.

The Venerable Master Hughes or Roshi is a highly respected Zen Master and highly recognized for his humanitarian work. One of the few Actual Zen Master's in Texas.

How do you know the difference real Master Hughes and the wannabes , Master Hguhes is not only a recognized Zen master. He has 9 commendations and is an expert in security. Yes he’s is a Martial arts instructor, but Master Hughes holds 3 degrees, and the credentials of A.S, B.S, M.S, RE, TTAC, and CTR.

The real Master Hughes has fought child slavery and crimes against Americans by K 1 visa and much more.

He is legally recognized and presently resides in the Houston Texas area traveling throughout the U.S.

Master Hughes gained some notoriety in part because of his extensive accomplishment directly related to hislife’s work.

Having been recognized 9 times, once by the United States Department of Justice Office for Victims of crime, His name is honored in the Texas legislature.

Media Contact:
Master Hughes 808 palestine
jacksonville texas 75766