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Americans Everywhere Can Submit Hosting Reviews to Win an iPad 2


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2012 -- There are many things that are essential for those who own or operate a small business; various services that need to be extremely reliable as they are relied upon to keep the business running and clients satisfied. If a business is solely online or has a significant online presence then one of the most vital business services it will ever invest in is quality hosting.

A modern business can live or die on the back of their web hosting. In the age of the 24 hour media cycle where fashions and trends progress through society at ever-quickening rates, customers no longer wish to wait for access to products or services – and with the high level of competition in the marketplace, they don’t often have to. If a momentary issue causes a website to be inaccessible to them, rather than hope it returns to service those clients will be back to their search engine on route to a competitor. That’s a fact.

It’s no wonder business owners everywhere struggle to decide where to turn, particularly as it’s hard to discern the truth behind the sales pitch the hosting companies themselves deliver. What was really needed was genuine hosting reviews by real users, something which was a notable absence online... until now. One of the most trusted teams in web hosting has come together to deliver perhaps the best resource online for those considering their next web hosting provider. “We have been in this industry for 10 years now, dealing with hundreds of web hosting companies and millions of site owners,” the new site confirms.

That site is HostingReview.com. Having come onto the scene with much fanfare, Hosting Review is giving individuals and businesses across the globe access to a huge hosting review database full of real users giving genuine feedback on their experiences with a variety of hosting providers. What’s more, in an effort to attract even more reviews to the site they’re offering the chance to win an iPad 2 for those who submit a review before May 30th. Obviously the team at HostingReview.com are passionate about providing honest and independent web hosting reviews, and they’re clearly not afraid to put their money (or their iPad!) where their mouth is.

Finally the search for a trustworthy hosting provider can be undertaken with confidence now that business owners everywhere can delve into a deep pool of user-submitted reviews. When the marketing from hosting companies seems too good to be true, businesses across the country can now turn to the dedicated staff behind Hosting Review.

About Hosting Review
HostingReview.com was formed out of an unmet need in the business community for honest, verified reviews on the multitude of hosting providers offering their services on the internet. Allowing users everywhere to both read and submit reviews, Hosting Review is rewarding those who submit verified reviews before the end of May with the chance to win an iPad2. For more information, visit http://www.hostingreview.com