Americans Face Delays on Their 2014 Tax Refund Schedule Dates

Due to the recent government shutdown that made headline news around the world, millions of people face delays on their tax refunds.


Traverse City, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2014 -- According to reports in the news, millions of people could face the heartache of experiencing delays on their tax refunds. It is expected the delays could be up to two weeks, which will affect the IRS tax refund cycle chart.

The Internal Revenue Service has announced they will not be able to process returns until the 28th January which is not good enough according to some tax experts.

The news is certain to bring anger to millions of people who have already suffered in 2013 due to the government shutdown and now with the latest news that delays will happen, will not do the President of The United States, Barack Obama any favours.

There is some good news on the horizon, Easy Income Tax Filing Online has announced that people who complete their tax returns using TurboTax electronic filing will have their returns processed faster and will receive their refund in less than three weeks.

Due to needing additional time to complete their tax-processing system, the Internal Revenue Service, (IRS), will not process returns until the twenty-eighth of January.

For people who take residential energy credit or general business credit or depreciation of property face more bad news, they will have to wait until late February or March for their tax returns to be processed.

The IRS has said that most taxpayers will be able to file their tax return from the 30th January but they have said there is a list of forms that cannot be filed until later.

To beat the delays the best way to file your tax returns is to file electronically as this will reduce the time it takes for the IRS to receive your returns and could result in you receiving your refund within three weeks instead of waiting two months.

Turbo Tax 2014 is the software to use for Federal and State income tax returns and could cut down the delay that is expected.

For more details on IRS tax refund dates please visit here.

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