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Americans Seeking the Best Online Masters Degree Have a New Friend in Intelicus


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/15/2012 -- If there’s one word that the majority of Americans would describe themselves today, it would be ‘busy’. Everyone seems to need to burn the candle at both ends to get by; worries about the economy and the rising costs of living work together to ensure that, for the most part, people everywhere don’t have a spare minute to themselves.

But for those trying to make headway and progress in their career, things can be even more difficult. Trying to balance full-time employment and further education is one of the most difficult tasks many people across the nation undertake every year, hoping that a new qualification will be just the ticket when it comes to promotion and increased financial security.

But now there’s somewhere to turn. Intelicus.com has recently launched what is shaping up to be the most popular portal online for those seeking to balance work and study. They’ve achieved this by focusing on one of the most popular postgraduate education options – the online master degree.

Online study is surging in popularity across the country as many people struggle with an inability to attend traditional classes due to work and family commitments. Noticing that there was a noticeable lack of a single, definitive source for information for those seeking to study their master degree online, the team behind Intelicus set out to create a place where everyone eagerly chasing info on their online master degree of choice could visit and have all the resources they need right at their fingertips.

Uniquely, Intelicus.com is the only online directory of education providers that explicitly excludes for-profit institutions. In this way they ensure that Americans everywhere have access to cost-effective education and truly get what they pay for in terms of their degree program. “We believe passionately in the difference between traditional, non-profit schools and the host of for-profit schools that have dominated the Internet over the past decade,” the Intelicus team confides. In this way, more and more people have access to truly affordable education programs via Intelicus.com.

For those who are time-poor, the choice to study their master degree online is a major commitment. Therefore, it’s essential that an informed choice can be made the first time, as statistics clearly demonstrate that those who drop out of a postgraduate course their first time round are significantly less likely to complete a course of study in the future. In this way, by helping those seeking a masters qualification make an informed and affordable choice initially, Intelicus can save prospective students much stress and anxiety down the track.

For ambitious, cost-conscious Americans, Intelicus.com is a godsend – rather than trawling through dozens of different websites over weeks and weeks to locate an appropriate and affordable course, there’s only one URL they need to know; Intelicus.com

About Intelicus.com
Intelicus.com is the leading resource on the topic of online masters degrees for prospective students everywhere. Committed to helping Americans possesses all the tools required to ensure success in an ever-competitive job market, the team behind Intelicus are dedicated to showcasing the best online masters degree programs in the country. Uniquely, Intelicus is the only education directory online that explicitly excludes for-profit schools, dedicating itself to shining a light on the best the non-profit sector has to offer.

For more information, visit http://www.intelicus.com