Americans Waste 31% Food Annually: Frugality Expert Calls for Revolution

Consumer finance and frugality expert Ariel Pryor is calling for a food revolution in the U.S. after it is revealed American consumers are wasting nearly 31% of the food supply amounting to as much as $1,500 annually by a family of four according to The U.S. Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) data.


Fort Lauderdale, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/15/2016 -- Recent data released by the USDA has revealed U.S. food loss rates as high as 31% and has resulted in America issuing its first food waste reduction goal in an effort to curb unnecessary food waste. The data has prompted personal finance expert Ariel Pryor with to weigh in, and he is calling for nothing short of a food revolution on how American families treat their meals.

A long time advocate for frugality and for families to make sound household purchase decisions, the lost value has this efficiency expert fuming.

"When so many are fighting to save every spare dollar, families fighting to make ends meet month in and month out, it's frustrating to learn of so much value being thrown carelessly away," stated Mr. Pryor.

Rather than pay high prices at the supermarket only for it to rot away, go bad and end up in the trash bin, the frugality expert is calling on families to reconsider what they purchase at the store. All the savings gains which can be won through coupons are lost if little thought is put into anything but the discounts gained at the market.

People need to consider the longevity of their products and design meals around any fresh vegetables, meats or dairy products which can go stale, rot or expire quickly, the company advises.

"We help people rethink their personal finances, in order to transform their financial life from one of scarcity to abundance," said Mr. Pryor, adding "Frugal living is a discipline. Every aspect of a households personal finances deserves scrutiny. A family's monthly food cost is no exception. What's the point of being a proud crazy coupon lady if the savings gains are wasted?"

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Clipping coupons can be incredibly powerful for a family on a tight budget looking to carve some extra savings from their monthly budget, according to the website. Stretching a dollar by only buying deals has helped countless moms keep the family budget in the black, but the frenzy to save can lead to people buying things they don't need simply because it's a 'Great Deal' Mr. Pryor shared.

Buying unnecessary condiments, produce or other products simply because the price is right - only for the items to be tossed in the trash come spring cleaning isn't wise - only the supermarkets win when the couponing discount drive outweighs common sense.

"I want everyone to have better finances, experience an abundance of money, access to credit, healthy food and to live the life of their dreams," said Ariel Pryor. "Winning in life is in the details - we all can do it."

A certain amount of food waste is perfectly normal for the average family, he adds. 100% food consumption without any loss is a pipe dream and doesn't account for the realities of running a household with kids. However, that doesn't mean we can't all be a little more mindful about the foods we purchase with an eye on being more efficient and less wasteful. In the end, the USDA food supply data paint a strong incentive, what family couldn't benefit from an additional $1,500 extra savings each year.

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