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America's Best Property Management Launches Services Aimed to Ease Landlord Duties

Hiring a property management company eliminates all of the hassles of being a landlord, reports


Riverside, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2014 -- The prevalence of rental properties owned by the average homeowner is increasing as more people realize that being a landlord can provide excellent residual income. In many cases, however, these people soon find themselves facing more work than they expected. This is because like all houses, rental properties need repairs that often do not come with any warnings. Prospective tenants also need to be vetted to ensure that they have sufficiently-stable incomes, will be good neighbors, and basically be good customers. Finally, there can be a surprising number of customer service calls.

Because of factors like these, property management companies have been on the rise right along with individual ownership of rental properties. Firms like America's Best Property Management ( take care of all of the work of being a landlord in exchange for a cut of the rent. This is a win-win situation for those who have found that being a landlord can be a big hassle as well as a big money-maker.

"At America's Best PM, we can take care of everything, and I do mean everything," said Jeff Maas of America's Best Property Management. "Our services start with the vetting of tenants. We screen them with income requirements, personal references, credit requirments, and rental history. By making sure we only rent to tenants with all of the indicators of high quality, we eliminate one of the most bothersome things landlords often face: the problem of nonpayment. We also take care of customer service and repairs. If something breaks down at 2AM, the owner doesn't have to get up and try to find a plumber or other service person. Our company will handle it all."

One problem that often affects rental properties is unreported damage or breakdowns. Tenants often find that it's easier to ignore a dripping faucet or other such issue than it is to call for maintenance. This behavior can be caused by anxiety over talking to the landlord or the desire to not have to take time out of the day to deal with maintenance people. America's Best Property Management helps to avoid such issues by making regular inspections of the rented house. It will drive by the property often, and will inspect the interior on a regularly-scheduled basis. This ensures that any emerging problems are spotted and corrected before they become major.

"We also take care of all of the financial aspects of being a landlord," Maas noted. "We'll examine the real estate market to determine the best price, collect the rent payments, and do the accounting. With our full package, all a landlord needs to have is a house to rent. Once we're on board, the landlord's dream of having easy money by renting that house out will be a reality."

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America's Best Property Management provides a full suite of services designed to eliminate the problems that accompany being a landlord. This allows landlords to be fully hands-off while ensuring that their houses are still well-maintained and that the rent continues to come in. Just click here for services provided