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America's Got Talent's "Levitating Monk" Finalist, Special Head, Announces Launch Party for Debut CD. He's a Master Musician...Too

Special Head stole the attention of millions with unique America’s Got Talent performances that included throat singing, meditation and his shocking levitation surprise. While he travels the world performing his unique blend of magic, yoga, strength and levitation, few know that Special Head is also a gifted musician. To celebrate the launch of his debut CD, aptly titled ‘Levitation’, Special Head is hosting a true night of wonders at a wholly unique launch party is Los Angeles.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/04/2014 -- Special Head (real name, Danny Wolverton), has spent his entire life affecting people’s emotions and moving them to new levels of consciousness through his fascinating displays of magic, yoga, meditation and throat singing. He has travelled to all four corners of the globe to critical acclaim, but didn’t become a household name until his 2013 performances on America’s Got Talent. He throat sang, he levitated and the nation was so captivated by the magic that they pushed him all the way to the series’ finale.

Staying true to his enigma, few people know the real Special Head. He actually produced the music he performed on America’s Got Talent and is also renowned as a master musician in EDM music, dub-step, and glitch- hop and world music. To mark the release of his debut CD, ‘Levitation’, Special Head is announcing a dazzling November 25th release party in conjunction with Live In Joy Productions.

The red carpet Los Angeles event includes a magic, music and levitation performance from Special Head himself, as well as a break-dancing performance by Alex Magala (America's Got Talent Finalist), Electronic Dance Music by Alex and AHEE, Chirs Adams and Alexander Polinski.

“What I do on stage is far more than ‘just’ magic,” explains Special Head. “At the same time I live-loop my throat singing and beat boxing to literally produce a beat that adds a further dimension to what I am performing. It’s a pioneering combination of magic and music that channels yoga, meditation, strength and balance to collectively uplift everyone in the room.”

Continuing, “But my creativity doesn’t stop there. I’ve long had an affinity with music and am now adding this extra depth to my repertoire by taking my compositions public. And it’s not just any old music; but stays true to my passion for twisting the emotions of my audience.”

Special Head’s work has naturally garnered seemingly-endless rave reviews. For example, Howie Mandel commented in Parade Magazine, “I can’t say enough about Special Head and his levitation act. Not only was his illusion incredible, but it was like looking in the mirror. And I realized walking away from last night’s show that I, too, have a special head!"

“It’s all about inspiring people, which is far more profound than simply entertaining them,” adds Special Head. “I do this spiritually by kindling people’s wonderment about the world. I know that the future holds great things, so there’s plenty more to come,” he adds.

For more information about the artist and his amazing work, visit: http://www.specialhead.com

Event Details:

Location: King King in Hollywood, 6555 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90028
Date & Time: November 25th 9:00 pm - 2:00am
Notes: This is a 21+ red-carpet event complete with media coverage. Entrance is $5.00 at the door

About Special Head (Artist Statement)
“I’ve been entertaining people since I was a child. Putting on a show for my parents was my favorite game and pastime. Growing up I discovered music and I truly realized my passion for entertainment. I have a natural talent for being able to affect people’s emotions. I prefer to make them laugh and to conjure their wonderment about the world when I perform. I began street performing as a human Statue “Photo” on Santa Monica California. It was my bootcamp. Everyday I was able to practice a high level of concentration. It also taught me how to hold an audience captive as on the street your audience can just walk away as soon as you become boring. While traveling in Turkey, I learned the arts of transcendental meditation and yoga balance, which helps me to achieve this feat. Thus I was brought into the world of magic.

This one act of Magic had such a profound effect on people it became the signature piece of my repertoire. Magic keeps the audience engaged wondering what surprises are going to come next. The element of surprise is my biggest tool. The character and roles I’ve developed are based on experiences I’ve had, and different sides of my personality. I have been fortunate being upbringing having been raised two very different religions, Baha’i and Native American. I was given unique perspectives on life. I tell stories with performance. I feel as though allot has been given to me and it’s my duty to give back to back to the world. I want to inspire spirituality through kindling peoples wonderment about the world.