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America's Leading Alternative Investment Expert, Robb Hill, Announces Compelling New Book to Help Lower Tax Burden.

Having spent over a decade helping thousands of consumers with tax advantage investment alternatives, Illinois Robb Hill is considered one of the country’s leading safe investment alternative experts. Now, for the first time in finance literature history, Hill is sharing the powerful secrets to life-changing financial preparation.


Aurora, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/27/2012 -- It’s a sorry statistic, but according to the Social Security Administration, 94% of baby-boomers are not prepared for retirement. According to Independent Financial Advisor, Robb Hill, this is due to poor financial education and broken communication between the consumer and the finance world. However, having corrected much bad advice and provided the answers to a host of common questions, Hill has taken matters into his own hands and has written a powerful new book.

‘Ask the Right Questions…Get the Right Answers’ is designed to re-educate the masses by providing basic and logical information on financial preparation. Through its simple methods and jargon-free delivery, Hill is poised to change the financial futures of all who turn his book’s pages.


“This book is written as a guide and is intended to equip the reader with some basic information concerning financial preparation. There are many questions to be asked and answered. It is a right of every American to lower their tax burden as much as legally possible and to pass on to their family, church or charity as much as they see fit. The goal therefore is not how much we make but how much we keep. I have seen some bad advice and I have seen some good, more bad than good which is the reason for this book.”

As the author explains, many Americans have been poorly educated in respect to both their financial goals and the purpose of retirement.

“Over the past decade I have come face to face with many consumers that are totally uninformed with regards to financial preparation. Many people believe that retirement is an age; it is not, retirement is a financial position,” says Hill, who has created a service for people demanding higher interest rates without the attached risk.

He continues, “Far too many people are realizing that retirement needs to be planned. These people need to be informed about the options that their employer or the government won't tell them, concerning their retirement plans.”

Following many years of meeting with Americans at varying stages of their financial lives, Hill decided that a nation-wide solution was called for.

“After years of trying to "fix" bad financial positions, I finally decided to go into ‘solution mode’ and write a book. It visits four major areas - 1) wills and trusts, 2) long-term care, 3) safe alternatives to the stock market and 4) final expense. Also, my book will help consumers pick financial advisors that are focused on helping them achieve their retirement goals and are not product pushers,” Hill adds.

With much acclaim surrounding his existing financial experience, critics are openly welcoming the book to the marketplace. In fact, many believe the advice Hill imparts could position him as the country’s leading financial expert.

“It is only a guide, but it is strong ammunition to defend against the ‘typical’ tactics of the ‘typical’ financial advisor. Being typical won’t allow people to reach their goals. It’s time to end financial mediocrity for good,” Hill concludes.

‘Ask the Right Questions…Get the Right Answers’, published by PublishAmerica, is available for purchase from Amazon: http://amzn.to/QHb5Vv

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About the Author: Robb Hill
Robb Hill is recognized as one of the nation's leading experts on safe investment alternatives. He is an independent financial advisor who has been helping consumers with tax advantage investment alternatives for over the past 10 years.