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AmeriDrill, Inc. Announces Addition of Vermeer 36 X 50 Navigation Drill


Levittown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2014 -- With the varying conditions of drilling areas in the greater Philadelphia area, AmeriDrill, Inc. strives to provide the best and safest drilling procedures for their clients. As machines are continually increasing their performance capabilities, it is important to utilize the advancing technologies that expertly handle the challenges of directional drilling in PA. AmeriDrill, Inc. is proud to announce they have added the Vermeer 36 x 50 navigator for their operations.

The new Vermeer navigator provides a number of benefits for the professionals, and their clients. It is equipped with dual rod technology that enables flexible and powerful downhill cutting actions to withstand all conditions for pristine drilling. The inner rod gives torque to the drill head, while the outer rod delivers steering capabilities for rotational torque. Depending on the setting and circumstance, the professionals from AmeriDrill, Inc. can operate this machine using single or dual rod technology.

With the capability of carrying up to 500 feet of drill pipe, drillers can utilize the navigator’s electronic locating device to guide the pipes along the path. This provides an easy and effective way to install utilities at the drill site when navigating through dirt, cobble, and rock. Offering quality drilling services in PA, they are always expanding and enhancing their equipment to deliver optimal results. To hear more about their services, or to request a drilling project from the leading Philadelphia drillers, contact the company today.

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