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AmeriDrill Inc. Announces Continuation of Geothermal Drilling Services in New Jersey and Pennsylvania


Levittown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2013 -- AmeriDrill Inc., one of the leading drilling companies of NJ and PA, is pleased to announce the continuation of their geothermal drilling services for New Jersey and Pennsylvania property owners. The drilling company has been offering geothermal drilling services for many years, working with property owners who want to save money and help the environment by using geothermal energy. Property owners in New Jersey and Pennsylvania looking to cut monthly costs and lessen their carbon footprint can contact AmeriDrill Inc. today.

Even though geothermal drilling offers financial and ecological benefits, geothermal energy is still largely an untapped renewable energy source. This is due to the limitations in direct electricity production. New Jersey and Pennsylvania home owners can utilize geothermal benefits for home use, such as heating and cooling. This will become essential when home owners rely on their cooling system heavily during the summer and the heating system during the winter.

As a renewable energy source, geothermal energy does not require an energy storage solution in order for it to work properly. There may be a high upfront cost of using geothermal energy, but in the end, property owners will save on money and resources. By working with AmeriDrill Inc., property owners will be met with a professional drilling team that uses state-of-the-art drilling equipment. The team will make sure all of the property owner’s geothermal drilling expectations are met. AmeriDrill Inc. is dedicated to meeting safety requirements on any drilling project and is committed to meeting the satisfactions of each property owner they work for.

If a property owner is considering geothermal drilling, but does not understand all of the information that is out there, they can contact a representative of AmeriDrill Inc. to find out more information. As one of the most dedicated drilling companies of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, AmeriDrill Inc., will answer any questions or concerns about various forms of drilling. Contact the company today by calling 267-202-0155.

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AmeriDrill, Inc. has a combined industry experience of over 75 years. They use the finest equipment and highly trained professionals to provide the most accurate and precise drilling applications for their clients. With many drilling options available such as vertical, horizontal, environmental and geothermal contractors and businesses can choose the one that best suits their needs. In Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland, AmeriDrill Inc. can provide the highest quality drilling services in the area.

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