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AmeriDrill, Inc. Installing Monitoring Wells in New Jersey This Spring


Levittown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/19/2014 -- As the seasons change, some things stay constant. With the quality of water an increasing concern among consumers and residents, AmeriDrill, Inc. is announcing their continued services for installing monitoring wells in New Jersey this spring. The company is licensed by the state of New Jersey for installation and abandonment services for monitoring wells.

With their prompt installations and superior attention to detail, AmeriDrill, Inc. has become one of the leading drilling companies in NJ. When installing groundwater monitoring wells, the professionals take the proper safety precautions and utilize the highest quality of equipment to avoid health hazards. They have the expertise to apply the required methods for a successful well drilling installation. As a well is being installed, the drill must be as close to vertical as possible, which is accurately accomplished using the Hollow Stem Augering method or the Air Percussion Rotary method, which AmeriDrill, Inc. excels at. As one of the trusted Hollow Stem Augering drillers, they have the unique ability of installing the well with little disturbance to surrounding soils. In contrast, the Air Percussion Rotary method carries the cuttings to the surface by using air.

While wells can be temporary, the complete drilling services in New Jersey offered by AmeriDrill, Inc. include well abandonments. The drillers can remove the casing and screen from the borehole or grout it in place, and fill the hole with concrete for a proper grouting, per NJDEP Rules and Regulations. All abandonment services are prepped to clear the borehole of air lines, wiring, pipes, and other obstructions.

Their monitoring well installers are highly experienced and implement innovative equipment to get the job completed correctly the first time. As an insured and licensed company, they have become the trusted drillers in the tri-state area. When needing a monitoring well installed, dial 267-202-0155 today.

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