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Ames Apartment Tenants Can Prevent Burglars with Expert Safety Tips


Des Moines, IA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2013 -- Apartments can quickly become an easy target for burglars unless precautions are taken. Professional Property Management has the expertise and experience to know how to prevent robberies at Ames apartments and Des Moines apartments, whether the apartment is empty for a short evening or a longer vacation.

As the property managers for over 1600 properties, PPM understands what types of safety tactics will help keep a home or apartment off of a potential burglar’s target list. “Don’t be a target,” PPM tells its tenants to follow these tips for even short term absences:

- Leave a radio or TV on in the apartment.
- Have a neighbor park in the driveway.
- Give a key to a trusted neighbor or friend and refrain from leaving it under the door mat.
- Leave a light on for the evening.
- Make sure the stove, range top and irons are turned off.
- Have a neighbor pick up mail and newspapers.

Long absences are even more nerve racking for residents. Whether it is apartments West Des Moines, apartments in the Ames area or rentals in Des Moines, PPM wants its tenants’ belongings and home to be secure. They suggest the following tips to keep a home from looking like it is empty for a long absence. The key is to make it appear as if a home is occupied to burglars scouting out their next target:

- Use timers on lights, stereos, and TVs at random times.
- Hire house-sitters to watch the home.
- Ask a neighbor to remove flyers and packages.
- Turn the phone’s ringer to low so a burglar will not be alerted of an empty house
- Arrange for yard care or snow removal
- Stop incoming mail and newspapers

Avoiding robberies or damage to a home or personal belongings can be avoided when steps are taken to protect a residence. PPM also suggests carefully choosing a roommate. Among their other online services, PPM offers a potential roommate survey to help determine roommate compatibility.

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