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Gadget Made Simple Showcases New Sleep Mask from AMG Services

AMG Technology Services releases new sleep mask targeted for those with sleeping disorders and gives Gadgets Made Simple the inside scoop.


Bismark, ND -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2014 -- The most recent article from Gadgets Made Simple introduces the latest product from AMG Services.

Gadgets Made Simple is constantly looking for products and ideas that not only break out of the normal box, but also strike us as being incredibly useful and practical. The new sleep mask from AMG Technology Services fits the bill perfectly, aimed at those who wish to see their sleep enhanced no matter how good it is already.

"When we first got wind of the new one from AMG, we were pretty much on the phone within minutes to see if we could be a part of it. When AMG Services agreed right away, we knew it was going to be a good relationship," Karen McKinley of Gadgets Made Simple remarked.

Jake Thompson from AMG Technology Services says, "This has really helped us spread the news fast about this new product which is just what we wanted. Gadgets Made Simple has a great following and their readers were just the kind of audience we were targeting. It would have been silly not to work together."

McKinley also said that not only has the new article featuring the Sleep Mask 2.0 been one of the most popular on the site, but readership and the comments section has also suddenly gone on the rise: "If we could get this kind of interest and attention with every article, we would probably be the most widely read site in our niche."

AMG Technology Services has been working on staying ahead of the market trends by always thinking of what's next. They pride themselves on always following all their ideas through for at least the short term, no matter how outlandish or silly. Their newest product, the Sleep Mask 2.0 will hit the market at the end of this Spring.

By Amanda Dean

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