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AMG Services Releases a New Dance App

Home and Recreation to feature AMG Services newly published dance app, DanceDancePro.


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/09/2014 -- HomeAndRecreation.org, a healthy living and home recreation blog, has published an article detailing a new dance app developed by home entertainment firm, AMG Services. The app is called Dance Dance Pro, and provides users with simple, memorable dance steps and also records the user’s progress.

The app has been developed to help interested individuals learn new dance steps without using a human dance instructor. Dance Dance Pro will help the growing number of people whose daily schedules are so cramped that they do not have time to go to the gym for cardio exercises, dance, or aerobics. The app provides users with a more efficient and fun filled way to train and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“It doesn’t take a genius to comprehend that high cost of living is putting so much pressure on ordinary citizens. Some combine two to three jobs in order to cope with the economic pressures. This lot doesn’t get time to exercise yet many of them are in jobs that don’t involve them physically,” explains Tom Silva, HomeAndRecreation.org content developer. “This new app’s approach is to allow this group to exercise in a fun way, through dance.”

Millions of people across the globe die as a result of diseases associated with sedentary lives. While some have no sound reasons why they do not exercise, a majority are associated with pressures of work. Dance Dance Pro by AMG Services therefore makes it possible for one to easily exercise whether at home or at work during breaks.

HomeAndRecreation.org will publish a “how to” guide for Dance Dance Pro, along with screenshots of the app in action and an interview with AMG Services’ Drew Dayton, who developed the app.

The app will be selling at a small fee of $20 and will be available for download on several online stores. AMG Services will also be providing users with unlimited support within 1 month after the release. The app also comes accompanied with a detailed yet easy to understand manual.

By Leo Turner

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