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AMG Services Encourages Its Employees to Share Their Fitness Stories

After introducing a fitness program for its employees, AMG Services has appealed to its employees to share their fitness stories on to encourage others. They have been asked to share their progress from the moment the program was introduced to date.


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/13/2014 -- AMG Services recently appealed to its employees who have been going through their fitness program to share their progress stories on a fitness blog, The idea behind sharing their stories is to encourage others to embrace similar programs to better their lifestyles. After carrying out an internal research among its employees, AMG Services discovered that most of the employees live sedentary lives. The company consequently introduced a fitness program to help its employees partake in physical exercises and learn about healthy diet.

“Most of our company tasks involve sitting in front of a computer. Over the past three years, we’ve noticed that our employees are very dedicated with some going as far as working late in the evening,” says Johnstone Kriegler, AMG Services CEO. “After studying them, we noticed that most of them don’t make time to do physical exercises. We know this is very risky and we had to do something about it. That’s why we introduced this program.”

Every morning when the employees report to work, they are taken through a warm-up, simple exercises, and finally a cool-down. In the evening, they go through a similar routine. AMG Services also provides information on healthy eating habits and general nutrition. As a result, most of the employees have optimally controlled their weight and have improved their eating habits.

“As a company, we’ve seen positive results. We feel that productivity is maximized since we rarely have employees asking for sick leaves,” says Kriegler. “The employees are also feeling much happier and are now freely expressing themselves because of the social bond created during the fitness program.”

The employees have now been asked to share their experiences, progress, and results with others through to encourage other companies to introduce such programs. AMG Services has also produced a video documentary, detailing how far their employees have come.

By Everett Hall

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