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AMG Services Launches One-Stop Auction Resource for Collector Car Enthusiasts

The automotive website, Simply Awesome Cars, has announced AMG Services plans to launch a One-Stop Auction Resource for collector car enthusiasts, which will be a comprehensive guide to collector cars.


Glendive, MT -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/16/2014 -- Simply Awesome Cars, a website for motor enthusiasts, highlights AMG Services and the company’s plans to launch a one-stop resource for car collectors. Simply Awesome Cars focuses on unusual and untraditional cars that do not get as much press coverage as their more conventional counterparts.

AMG Services has given Simply Awesome Cars a look into their new car related project, the One-Stop Auction Resource (OSAR). OSAR will showcase upcoming auction events in North America and beyond from auction houses big and small. Included at launch will be events from top-tier collector car auction houses, as well as regional events from Auctions America, Red Top Auction, and Worldwide Auctions, among others.

“We are excited to launch our One-Stop Auction Resource,” said Jake Robins, AMG Services marketing director. “Auctions represent 15% percent of all the classic and collector vehicle transactions in the United States. I am thrilled to have the support of the auction industry, and Simply Awesome Cars, and look forward to making this exciting facet of the hobby accessible to the most extensive audience possible.”

Previews for featured auctions will include full profiles of consigned vehicles with photos, videos, and contact forms. Vehicle profiles will be updated as new vehicles are consigned. During the buildup to the industry’s peak season, which usually is in August, OSAR visitors can expect to see online profiles on more than 1,500 vehicles to be sold at auction. Car collectors and enthusiasts can also evaluate auction news, get detailed results of past auctions, and see a schedule of upcoming events.

“OSAR is a win-win for all,” Robins continued. “Auction businesses now have a way to produce interest in their complete inventory as well as their event. Classic and collectible buyers will now have a centralized place to see the whole continuum of vehicles that they are interested in, whether they be for sale by a private party, a dealer, or at auction.”

By Gustavo Henderson

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