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AMG Services and Fitness Life Stories Design New Fitness Gear

AMG Services and Fitness Website "Fitness Life Stories" are working on new fitness gear that will integrate with fitness apps to measure the athletes' performance.


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/18/2014 -- Fitness website, [Fitness Life Stories](, has partnered with AMG Services, a Chicago based fitness gear manufacturer, to design interactive running shoes and fitness accessories for smartphone users. These iOS and Android compatible fitness products will record the users' physical activity level and display it on their mobiles via a free app.

"Some people think the motion-sensing chips in iPhone 5S have negated the need for wearable tech such as Nike Fuel Band," said Emily Rose of Fitness Life Stories. "However, not everybody is using an iPhone 5S and there is a huge market of Android and older iPhone users that will always exist."

The announcement may come as a surprise at a time when Nike is discontinuing the production of its Fuel Band, but the move by the fitness gear mega-brand may not be reflective of the demand for wearable tech. As Forbes reports, Nike may have pulled the plug on Fuel Band because of its strategic partnership with Apple, which is rumored to launch its much trumpeted iWatch later this year.

"Nike resisted the call to make its Fuel Band available for Android phones, limiting the appeal and market size for the bracelet," says AMG Services' CTO Brian McLane.

"This gave us a big mandate to make wearable products.The fitness gear we are working on will be compatible with all Android and iOS handsets and will target a much wider market."

AMG Services will be rolling out its first batch of products comprising wearable tech wristbands, running shoes, and watches by the end of this year. The new line will be launched under the brand-name "Life Gear."

Users will be able to track their movements, calories burned, fitness goals, heart rate, blood pressure, distance traveled, and many other fitness parameters by connecting Life Gear with their smartphones via Bluetooth.

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