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New Math Games Website Helps Kids Improve Math Skills announced this week the launch of AMG Services new website to help kids improve their math skills.


Nashville, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/24/2014 -- AMG Services will launch their “Math Games Concepts” website in mid-September. The website will be geared to help parents develop their child’s math skills. It will not only help kids, but will help adults brush up on their math skills as well. Mastering math skills helps improve children’s school experience, and guarantee them greater success later as adults.

“We need more educational websites for kids,” said Kathy Freeman, co-editor of Fun Games Blog. “There are so many violent video games all over the Internet for kids, but you don’t see that many good educational games.”

Parental participation in the form of at home interest and support has a major influence on student’s educational outcomes and attitudes. Many parents are uninformed about current educational practices and how they can be more involved with their child’s learning. By creating an easy-to-use, math-focused website, AMG Services will help parents and students work together on math skills.

“Many kids don’t want to learn math or practice math, they’d rather be watching videos or playing with computer games,” said Stewart Montgomery, spokesman for AMG Services. “With our website, we incorporate the things kids like to do with education, so that they stay interested while learning how to do mathematics.”

“Math Games Concepts” focuses on developing kids own mathematical knowledge and understandings, along with engaging parents in continuous mathematical involvement as their children progress through schooling.

AMG Services is an educational company that uses technology and global experience to accelerate digital learning. AMG Services has been providing educational resources to parents and educators globally since 1997.

By Evelyn Ryan

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