AMGW Media Agency Gets Ready for the Internet of Things


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/11/2014 -- A recent study showed that the number of things connected to the internet exceeds the number of people on earth. By 2020, there could be 50 billion connected devices, which will include, apart from mobile, smartphones and tablets, regular household appliances like refrigerators and coffee makers, cars, and even cardiac monitors. Already there has been increased use of wearable monitoring connected devices like health monitors, pedometers, diet trackers and smart watches. This ever-connected future is often called the Internet of Things where sensors and detectors stimulate communication among devices.

The Internet of Things spells a huge change for advertisers. The future could bring dishwashers that know when they run out of detergent and offer a discount coupon on detergent brands. While such a scenario has a long way to go before materializing, there are already signs that connected devices can inspire unique and innovative advertising concepts.

Always known for its avant-garde marketing strategies, leading media agency, AMGW, is prepared for the future. Whether it is internet connected billboards or a geo-targeted mobile ad, AMGW has the capability of implementing advanced advertising campaigns that integrate the clients’ brands into consumer experiences unobtrusively. Offering highly relevant media placement services, AMGW is poised to target the ultra-connected consumers of today with unprecedented marketing strategies that utilize modern techniques to reach out to a focused consumer segment.

AMGW’s exceptional experience in digital marketing is already being used by several clients across the globe for user relevant advertising techniques that impact the ever increasing population of smartphone and tablet users. Location based advertising gives brand advertising high significance for the consumers. AMGW’s contextual and behaviorally targeted ads allow clients to reach out to consumers on the basis of their activities. With its understanding of what consumers like and dislike, AMGW is able to create effective advertisements that are more subtle and become ingrained into consumer experiences.

So, when the Google Glass finally hits the market, AMGW knows exactly how its clients can use it to market to the new generation users.