AMGW Revolutionizes Digital Marketing with Native Ads


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/11/2014 -- Recognizing the latest trend in advertising in 2014, leading digital marketing agency, AMGW Media, has enhanced relevance of its marketing efforts with native advertising that displays targeted ads according to the content being viewed by the user.

Native advertising is the hottest word of 2014 in the marketing world. Traditional digital marketing techniques such as banner advertising and PPC campaigns are starting to lose their relevance as today’s smart consumers are unimpressed by the barrage of ads on their desktops and mobile phones. The latest marketing trend is leaning towards natural or organic advertising methods that become part of the consumer’s experiences with unobtrusive and highly relevant placement.

Recent features in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have shown that, instead of sponsored and PPC advertisements, sponsored or promoted posts are receiving greater interest from viewers. By displaying posts and blog links related to the content being viewed by the user, AMGW uses real-time native advertising techniques to target the right consumers. Advertorials or sponsored content alongside related editorial content on websites and blogs helps AMGW reach out to a specific group of potential customers filtered by their interests. AMGW interacts with bloggers and media personnel in a variety of domains for promotion of clients’ brands through trusted channels.

Mobile marketing is another sphere where AMGW is making waves with its native marketing techniques. Creating seamless in-line ads for mobile apps and also creating dedicated apps for brands, AMGW helps clients leverage on its vast experience in mobile marketing and target the ever-increasing smartphone user population. Native advertising for smartphones and tablets allows clients to directly impact a highly targeted customer base.

Combined with AMGW’s excellent capabilities in digital marketing, unique native advertising strategies help brands reach out to their targeted market and desired demographics in a more effective manner.