Chase Pitkin Publishes Huge List of 101 Ways to Fight Depression

Am I Depressed Test has released an exhaustive list of over a hundred ways in which sufferers can combat depression by taking practical action without the need for medication.


Oakland, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/06/2013 -- Depression is one of the most common diagnoses among the full spectrum of mental health issues, numbers of sufferers are reaching record levels. Depression, as with most mental health diagnoses, varies in severity and can be managed for some by making simple changes in lifestyle and perspective, while in others it requires drug therapies to restore chemical balances. Am I Depressed Test is a website designed to help those feeling low to assess whether or not they might be suffering from depression, and has recently published a guide of 101 ways in which to fight it.

The website assesses the symptoms of depression, some of which people may not associate with the condition such as loss of appetite or low energy. It also addresses the environmental and biological causes of depression, so that users can get to the root of the issue. Their online test then allows them to determine whether or not their state is a low mood or more likely depression.

The new editorial on one hundred and one ways to fight depression is now the first link in the header bar, placing it foremost in the reader’s awareness. The list is interspersed with comical cartoon interludes and recommends out of the box methods to combat depression.

A spokesperson for Am I Depressed Test explained, “While helping people identify whether or not they may be suffering from depression is one thing, offering depression help for people to move on, cope with their situation and try and effect positive change is another. Once we fulfilled the first, we knew it was time to start helping with the second. The new list of ways to fight depression is our way of putting control back in the hands of those most affected.”

About Am I Depressed Test
Am I Depressed Test is a website created to allow individuals to self assess the likelihood of their suffering from depression using a multiple choice test similar to those used by medical professionals. The site also offers advice and guidance on how to manage, deal with and combat depression both for sufferers and loved ones. It also provides resources on identifying the possible causes of depression based on different biological and lifestyle factors. For more information, please visit: