Amish Dog Crate Builder Celebrates 2 Years of Building Custom Pet Furniture


Paradise, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2012 -- Pinnacle Woodcraft celebrates second anniversary of ecommerce website building custom wood dog crates with Amish craftsmanship behind every custom-built piece, Pinnacle Woodcraft is proud to announce the second anniversary of selling pet furniture direct to consumers.

“We custom build every piece that leaves our shop,” said owner Jonas Zook Jr. “We take care to make sure each piece of wood fits securely and is shaped to avoid sharp edges and extreme points on the corners. Because of this, when you order you won't get your wood pet furniture immediately. It takes up to two weeks to build what you ask for. We believe our products are worth the wait.”

Pinnacle Woodcraft's wooden pet furniture, found at , covers a variety of pet needs from cat litter boxes to a wooden dog crates to a ramp to let an old family friend get into and out of his bed or the sofa much easier or a custom made wood covers to fit around a metal wire crate.

Because the crates are made from wood, they can also double as an end table. “Making a dog crate end table has really surprised a lot of people. But when they think about it, they agree it's a really good idea,” Mr. Zook said. “It's a dog's private place to sleep on the bottom and a place on the top for the owner to put a lamp, magazines, dog treats or whatever else needs a flat surface.”

Mr. Zook got the idea for pet furniture some years ago when he made an oak dog crate. He said everyone who saw it wanted one, but bigger and with wood slats instead of wire. That launched the custom-built pet furniture business.“We really mean custom when we say it. If you have a special need for a wood dog crate, give us an idea of what you need and we'll build it,” he said.

The later idea to open the business selling direct to the customers also came from the idea of custom-built pet furniture. Mr. Zook said he appreciates and enjoys the direct interaction with customers and receiving feedback that you have something your fourlegged friend is going to use and enjoy for years to come,” he said.

We are a Amish furniture company in Lancaster Co. PA specializing in building custom wooden pet furniture.

For more information visit or call 717 324 5684.

Jonas Zook
717 324 5684