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Amish Showroom Unveils New Trestle Dining Tables

Amish trestle dining tables provide the perfect combination of quality craftsmanship and unique appearance, reports Amish Showroom


Coates, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/13/2014 -- Amish Showroom recently announced the arrival of new trestle dining tables to its online collection of Amish-style furniture. This allows customers to have even more options in their furniture choices. As usual, the store offers many customization options for the furniture so buyers can get pieces that are just right for their dining areas.

"At our store, the design of Amish dining tables is just the starting point. We offer choices of wood types, stains, router edge shapes, top shapes, number of leaves, and overall size. This makes it easy for buyers to pick a design and then fine-tune it to be a perfect match for their tastes," said Eric Heil of Amish Showroom.

The router edge is an aspect that many people don't think about until they are specifically asked about it. This aspect is simply the shape of the edge of the table. Basic tables often come with either flat edges or rounded ones, but fancier styles involve more finesse. In the case of the better tables, the edge is finished with a router and can come in a variety of shapes. This makes the entire table look classier, and it also eliminates the hard edges that can make it uncomfortable to sit close to the tabletop.

It is unusual to find furniture offered in different types of wood under the same style, but that's normal at Amish Showroom. The company knows that the species of wood used has a great effect on the looks of the end result, and often offers several choices in this area so that customers can get the perfect texture and appearance. Stain color is also customizable, and this allows for perfect combination of woods and stains.

"Another unique feature we offer for our Amish trestle dining tables is magnetic wood skirts," Heil noted. "These are made of thin pieces of wood that can be attached underneath the table. When in place, they look like the table has a permanent skirt. Since they're actually magnetic, the permanence is an illusion. When a sleeker appearance is desired, the skirting pieces can easily be pulled away to leave just the basic table."

Some may wonder about one of the root aspects of trestle tables, and that is just what makes them "trestle" tables instead of regular ones. A look at the designs shows that a trestle table is supported by legs on each end that have connections between them. This gives them a very distinctive appearance compared to tables that are supported by plain straight legs. Amish styles also tend to have a more rustic appearance, but some of the designs are surprisingly sleek and modern. It's easy to see all of the options by visiting Amish Showroom's online store.

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Amish Showroom specializes in Amish-style furniture for every room of the house. It has recently added more Amish trestle dining room tables with enough customization options to ensure that one or more styles will be perfect for any customer.