Amkamal VR Suit, to Be the Future of Gaming


Macomb, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/24/2013 -- Andrew Magdy Kamal have launched the idea of a virtual reality suit, through a crowfunding campaign, The idea for the turso is to enable virtual reality stimulation through out the whole chest through vibrations. This happens when the suit detects the sdk or apk of the game and reads it then finds out a way to react to each situation in the game, whether your getting punched or fly off your feet.

The game also used 3D HD surround sound to stimulate more "environmental elements in the game" Since the turso is multi sensory as seen in the drawing, it kind off reacts as a "virtual pressure point" for your chest and stomach so that it is as if you yourself is reacting to the stimuli in the game. This also stimulates your sense of touch (feel), and movement.

The turso can be connected through the television, USB or other suited parts. It also uses its motion sensing technology to stimulate movement, contractions, and vibrations all in one. It basically decodes stimulation of compatible games and then encodes it to work with the suit.

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