Announces Latest Donation Information

The NRA, Second Amendment Foundation, and the Adapt and Overcome Project benefit from September's round of donations, reports


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2014 -- donations for September were announced today, and they included payments to the National Rifle Association (NRA), Adapt and Overcome Project, and the Second Amendment Foundation. The donation to the NRA was $178.98, Adapt and Overcome received $148.33, and the Second Amendment Foundation got $110.24. These donations are part of's commitment to protecting Americans' right to bear arms, and represent the latest of its ongoing efforts.

"These are the top three organizations our customers have suggested that we support, and we automatically donate a portion of each sale to them and our other preferred groups," said Sam Jacobs of "Each group on our donations page has been suggested by our customers or by pro-freedom organizations themselves. By going to the donations page on our site, people can easily see the latest donation information from This information includes which groups we currently support and how much each one has gotten since the start of our program. It also has a link to add an organization to our page."

A look at this information shows that the NRA is the clear leader, with total donations of $26,585 at the time of this writing. An apparently new entrant, Safari Club International, occupies the other end of the spectrum with a total of $25. Organizations that wish to be added to the list can fill out a form at the bottom of the page. will then contact the organization's representative to learn more and determine if it qualifies for inclusion.

Each purchase of ammo from automatically results in a donation to one of the groups on the list. This makes it easy for buyers to pass on some of their purchasing power to their favorite organizations. One of the most interesting things about the list is that an organization doesn't have to be focused totally on gun issues to be included. The Cato Institute, Veteran Tickets Organization, and other such groups are also listed. These groups represent the wider interests of gun owners along with helping to support Second Amendment rights.

"While we're proud of our ability to help pro-freedom organizations of all sorts, we're also proud of our customer service, selection, and other aspects of our business," said Jacobs. "It's easy to find any legally-available ammunition, whether it's for pistols, rifles, or rimfire weapons. All someone needs to do is browse using the links in the top navigation bar. These links lead to each category, and that page lists the most popular types of ammo for the guns in question. A bit of history about the gun type is also available. We find that this is useful for those considering getting started with particular types of firearms."

About is America's pro-freedom ammo retailer. It is also part of the NRA's Ring of Freedom thanks to its ongoing support of the organization.