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Ammunition Belt Market to Witness an Outstanding Growth During 2017–2027: Future Market Insights

Ammunition Belt Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2017-2027


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/20/2019 -- The fear of terrorism is spreading all over the world, especially in regions such as Europe, Russia, Africa, and Middle East. Terrorist activities have reached its extreme limits and the governments of various countries are trying their level best to fight against such activities prevailing in their respective regions. Countries such as India, China, Pakistan, and South Korea are increasing their expenditure on ammunition belts owing to the troubles faced from neighbouring countries.

Ammunition belts were once limited to its use in machine guns, but that is no longer the case. Ammunition belt or belt is a device used to hold and feed cartridges into a firearm. Ammunition belts are usually manufactured in various sizes. Earlier, ammunition belts were prepared by cloth, with evenly spaced pockets to allow the belt to be mechanically fed into the gun. These were used in machine guns such as Vickers machine gun, Maxim gun, etc. But, nowadays ammunition belts are manufactured using disintegrated metal links.

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There are two versions of ammunition belt which include continuous belt and those with disintegrating links. Continuous belts remain wholly intact as they pass through the receiver of the firearm. Linked belts break apart into individual links or into short sections when fired through the firearm, which depends on how the belt was designed. Metal links ammunition belts have advantage over other belts owing to the reason that metal links are not affected by cleaning solvents or oil.

Global Ammunition Belt Market: Segmentation

The global ammunition belt market can be segmented mainly on the basis of type and application.

Based on the type, global ammunition belt market can be segmented into:

Continuous belt

Disintegrated links belt

Based on the application, ammunition belt market can be segmented into:

Light infantry machine guns

Heavy machine guns

Armored vehicles

Ant air weapons

Global Ammunition Belt Market: Dynamics

Easy handling and lightweight of the ammunition belts assist the user to carry large amount of ammunitions from one place to another. This property of the ammunition belts acts as a major reason fuelling the demand of ammunition belts and thus in turn propelling the growth of global ammunition belt market. Moreover, ammunition belts are more reliable in climatic conditions such as rain, mud, snow, and also in case of contact with oil cleaning solvents. This is another reason boosting the growth of global ammunition belt market.

The relatively higher manufacturing cost persist as one of the major challenges for the ammunition belt market growth. Uneasiness in reloading the disintegrating belts is another reason hampering the growth of the global ammunition belts market.

Replacement of outdated and old cloth ammunition belts by the metal ammunition belts is the recent trend identified in the global ammunition belts market. Cloth ammunition belts are not utilized nowadays owing to the fact that they are prone to jamming, especially because cloth tend to fade if it absorbs oil, water, cleaning chemicals, etc.

Global Ammunition Belt Market: Region-wise Outlook

Considering regions, North America and Europe collectively accounts for major share in the sales of ammunition belts, however their growth rate is expected to decrease over the forecast period due to significant reduction in overall demand. The demand for ammunition belts is expected to rise in the MEA and Asia Pacific region.

Currently, more demand for ammunition belts in developed regions such as Europe and North America is the outcome of strengthening of national defence forces to fight back the mounting waves of terrorism. Both Europe and North America are focussing on the refurbishment and replacement of outdated weapons and ammunition belts, creating an adequate demand for new ammunition belts. The current established market for ammunition belt lies in Russia, and it is expected to maintain its top position over the forecast period.

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Global Ammunition Belt Market: Market Participants

Examples of some of the market participants in the ammunition belt market identified across the value chain include Eurolinks – SIPR Defence, Triple K Manufacturing Co., VixensAndAngels Inc., Relics, Hunting and Reloading Centre (HRC) LTD., Oriental-Arms Ltd., among others.