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Ampoules Market 2017 Research in-Depth Analysis, Applications, Forecasts to 2025

The growing pharmaceutical packaging industry is subsequently leading to an increase in demand for ampoules, and is the major driving factor for the ampoules market worldwide.


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/22/2017 -- Ampoules are the most widely used common packaging solutions globally. They are small sealed vials used to preserve samples in both liquid and solid forms. Ampoules are generally made of glass, but with the help of advanced technologies, ampoules are also manufactured using plastics. Ampoules are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, owing to their beneficial characteristics. The packaging of the vial is 100% tamper-proof. Recently manufactured ampoules are most commonly used to store pharmaceutical products or samples and chemicals that are supposed to be protected from contaminants and air. The hermetically potted glass ampoule that was initially used to preserve sterilized solutions was introduced by a French pharmacist in the late 1890s.

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Ampoules Market: Inclusive Insight

Ampoules are produced by an industrial process, which includes short lengths of glass tubing, and are given shape by heating with the help of gas torches along with gravity in automated production lines. In order to check for quality control, computer vision techniques are being used. The filling followed by sealing of vials is done on an industrial scale by automated machinery. In a small scale industry such as laboratory settings, filling, and sealing of ampoules is done by hand. Empty ampoules can be purchased from the scientific glass supply houses, and then can be sealed with the help of a small gas torch.

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Modern ampoules have ampoule codes. These codes are in the form of colored rings of enamel around the neck of the vial. Color coding is done during the process of manufacturing ampoules. Colored rings are being painted on the neck of the ampoules by a machine after the ampoules are filled and sealed. These colored rings help to identify content inside the ampoules, and hence does not require further testing. The ampoule codes allow accurate handling of the substance for labeling, storage and secondary packaging.

Ampoules Market: Key Regions

The growing pharmaceutical packaging industry is subsequently leading to an increase in demand for ampoules, and is the major driving factor for the ampoules market worldwide. Introduction of new injectable therapies due to the development in the field of biotechnology, are leading the growth. Developed countries such as North America and Europe are expected to boost the demand for ampoules owing to advances in biotechnology and its applications in the region. North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Rest of the World (RoW) are the key segments for the global ampoule market. Asia Pacific is expected to be the major consumer of ampoules, owing to the growing pharmaceutical and packaging industry in the region. North America and Europe are also expected to boost the demand for ampoules in the near future due to increasing demand for ampoules for advanced technologies such as the RFID tags.

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Ampoules Market: Key Market Players

The major companies of ampoules market are: Truking Technology Limited, Shanghai Far-East Pharmaceutical Machinery CO., Ltd., Bausch-Stroebel, Hunan China Sun Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd., SCHOTT, Nipro Glass, Essco Glass, Gujarat Fabricators, Kishore Group, James Alexander Corporation, Ciron Group of Companies, GLAND PHARMA LIMITED, A. H. Industries, Claris Lifesciences Limted (Company), Kapoor Glass (India) Pvt Ltd, Global Pharmatech, and Lifespan Biotech Private Limited among others.

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