AMS Financials Timeshare Loans and Refinance Programs Announces Loans for Luxurious Holiday

AMS Financial is now providing affordable Timeshare Loans and Refinance programs.


Charleston, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2014 -- Enabling people to enjoy luxurious holidays without any financial worries, AMS Financial is now providing affordable Timeshare Loans and Refinance programs. These programs enable customers to plan their holiday schedules beforehand and allow more economical luxurious accommodations.

Through their timeshare loans, AMS Financial helps people easily procure the funds required for the purchase of a timeshare. They provide varied loan options while refinance deals are developed particularly for existing timeshare owners. The entire process of composing the application, approval, and transfer of funds is swiftly completed.

Talking about timeshare loans and refinancing, a representative from the company elaborates, “Depending on your current financial status and how much money you want to borrow, we have a few timeshare financing options to choose from including lower rate, fixed term unsecured loans, and our most popular 0% credit card program, interest free for 18 months. At AMS Financial we have years of experience and know how to get the loan done well.”

In addition to this, in its genre of any purpose loans, AMS Financial also provides student loans for personal expenses making it easy for students and parents to manage additional expenditures on accommodations, books, health insurance, etc. Loan seekers can easily calculate the level of their loan requirements by using specifically designed school expenses loan calculators built into the Any Purpose Loan website at AMS financial. The payment terms are simple and the amount payable is same for every month, while their 0% credit card program allows minimum and irregular payments for those with irregular income.

The array of AMS Financial Any Purpose Loans also includes adoption loans, trade school loans on bad credit, auto repair financing and so on.

About AMS Financial
AMS Financial has been America’s choice for fast and easy financing since 2004. They have helped over 100,000 consumers finance their dream pools, medical procedures, home improvement projects and more with their industry leading suite of 0% cards and unsecured loan programs. Their staff has a combined 75 years of experience in consumer finance and lending. They use the latest technology to procure, curate and fund the very best programs on the market. They have programs for all credit grades and in all 50 states.

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