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Ams-Tehtcentr Has Announced the Availability of Quality Auto Repair Services in Zelenograd


Zelenograd, Russia -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/15/2016 -- Ams-Tehtcentr has announced the availability of quality auto repair services in Zelenograd. The company realizes how important quality, convenient, quick and reliable auto repairs are and offers a variety of services customers may choose from.

Ams-Tehtcentr is a Russia-based car service, which offers quick, reliable and high quality auto repair services in Zelenograd. The company has been in business for several years already, having won loyalty and dedication of hundreds of their customers. This is what they tell about the service: "Here, at Ams-Tehtcentr, we realize how important the perfect condition of your car is. That is why, we try our best effort to offer you the top auto repair services that are always accomplished with responsibility and on time. Your task is to apply for our services before the problem emerges. We will take care of your car, checking its current condition and eliminating the existing defects".

Ams-Tehtcentr employs the best local specialists in the niche, who are ready to provide the best auto repair services, be it a car tire fitting one can learn about at, regular technical servicing, repair of all types of auto parts, contemporary computer diagnostics of the available problems and what not. The managers working for the company will help everyone make the right choice of assembly parts for any automobile brand. The car service accepts autos of different brands, including Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, Ford etc.

The car service comes with modern and high quality tools and equipment, which makes it possible to solve the most complicated problems and offers the clients the whole spectrum of services they might need. The service operates since 9 AM till 9 PM, thus allowing each client get qualified and on-time assistance throughout a day. They ensure the top-notch quality of all the services provided and individual approach to each client. The service uses only certified and quality assembly and repair parts, which also matters a lot for high quality servicing. It is also possible to sign for the technical servicing and repair online, thus saving time and effort of clients.

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About Ams-Tehtcentr
Ams-Tehtcentr is a trusted and popular car service, which ensures quality auto repair servicing and technical testing of different auto brands, including BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, Ford etc. The service employs a team of professionals, responsible for each process they do. They also have quality and contemporary equipment and tools, which allows solving all kinds of problems and ensures the best result. All the assembly parts the service uses are certified. It is possible to sign in for the auto repair, technical servicing or get customer support at the official website of the company 24/7.

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Address: 15 Sosnovaya Valley, 124489 Zelenograd, Russian Federation
Tel.: 8(499) 735 97 82 / 8(499) 735 97 91