AMWA Announces New Martial Arts Weapons Available in Their Online Inventory


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/26/2014 -- AWMA® is pleased to announce that they have just added new martial arts weapons to their vast online inventory. As a leading distributor of martial arts apparel and products, one of AWMA®’s top priorities lie in making sure that their customers are able to find the hottest products available in the market. In business for over four decades, the company also prides itself on offering a consistent amount of high-quality marital arts gear that is both affordable as well as innovative.

One of the newest products AWMA® has available is the Z-Hunter Samurai Sword. If ever the dead were to tread the earth, Samurais and others skilled in sword fighting could make use of the Z-Hunter Samurai Sword. Measuring over 40 inches long with a 27 and a half inch silver steel blade, this product comes equipped with green silk printings as well as a metal biohazard symbol that has the potential to leave sword collectors and zombie hunters swooning. AWMA® is offering this martial arts weapon for a low price of $34.95, but also wants their customers to know that they will not sell to minors. The Z-Hunter Samurai Sword—as well as many other swords in AWMA®’s inventory—are solely for decoration or demonstration.

In addition to offering many new martial arts supplies and weapons, AWMA® also has a list of clearance items available. Some of their martial arts weapons on clearance include a Multi Colored Throwing Knife Set, a Boot Knife with Scorpion, an 8 Point Rainbow Steel Ninja star, and much more that can viewed on their Weapons Clearance page.

Those interested in anything martial arts will be pleased with all that AWMA® has to offer. After just one quick glance at their website, it will be hard to keep any martial arts enthusiast from purchasing just one of their products. Please visit their website today to see their full list of new martial arts weapons.

About AWMA®
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