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Amware Logistics Services Audited by Yum! Brands, Scores 96.16%


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/14/2013 -- Amware, one of the most renowned third party logistic companies, was recently audited by Yum! Brands, a third party audit for food distributors and was awarded with a score of 96.16%. The highlight of this audit was Amware's Distribution Protocol, Temperature Control, Sanitation, and Pest Control.

Already a renowned company for offering a series of integrated logical solutions, including the very reliable transportation management services, Amware Logistic Services Inc. (ALS), focuses largely on the flux of customers' in-house needs. ALS contract transportation services assist customers by integrating it with other services including local drayage and delivery, LTL and TL freight management, freight brokerage, parcel management, and contract dedicated fleet management operations.

A spokesperson from the company mentions a carefully driven approach in transporting customers' shipments. He discusses ALS's highest standard transportation management division which “operates a private fleet featuring experienced management personnel, late model equipment, trained drivers and focused systems resources.”

“We hold ourselves to the highest performance standards in these operations to ensure that your customers view craftsmanship not only in your goods, but in the way we deliver them to their door”, he adds and concludes.

ALS is one of the largest third party logistic providers and sincerely lives up to the customers' expectations, not only with its transportation services but also in services that are required prior and later to transportation. They include warehousing, packaging and fulfillment services, along with transloading services.

Why one should hire 3pl companies for its own in-house projects is still a question that may arise among the customer base. The ASL spokesperson suggests other companies to nod for outsourcing logistics for “taking advantage of the expertise with 3rd party company's cost effective operations” and for ”focusing on their own core competencies more efficiently and resourcefully.” “Amware Logistics easily meets up to your requirements. We won't quit until we achieve them”, he adds.

About Amware Logistics Services, Inc.
Amware Logistics Services, Inc is dedicated to craftsmanship in delivering customer focused, quality-driven, cost-appropriate logistics solutions for its customers. With national reach, operational excellence, flexible services, and careful monitoring every step of the way, Amware offers an efficient and affordable logistics alternative that provides measurable cost savings. This company is crafted around one important principle: to provide its customers with the personalized service, secure environment and complete accountability to become a full service logistics partner.

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