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Amware Logistics Services Receives Appreciation from Yum! Brands


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2013 -- Amware Logistic Services has been recently audited by Yum! Brands and appreciated a lot as it got a score of 96.16%. Yum! Brands is a third party audit for food distributors and higher score means the audited company did well. Talking about the score and consequent appreciation, a spokesperson for Amware said, “We were awarded with The highlight of this audit was that our Distribution Protocol, Temperature Control, Sanitation, and Pest Control scores all received 100%!’

Amware Logistics Services offers an integrated logistic solution from pickup, shipping, storage to secure delivery to the final destination. As a 3rd party logistics company they operate large transportation systems, and maintain multiple shipping ports and fulfillment warehouse facilities. They use custom software for tracking and routing all the business under their care and updating the client about the current status of the cargo.

They handle everything from pickup and delivery to ensuring that goods are stored in a secure location. As a 3pl company they specialize not only in shipping, but also provide enhanced tracking services to ensure that freight arrive on time at the right place. They constantly ensure the efficiency of their transportation systems and work continuously to make it better and more efficient.

They handle operations nationally, internationally, and globally and provide end to end logistics service to the client. They save their client’s lots of time and cost spend on the supply chain management. Being one of the trusted 3PL company they are very industry-focused and offer what works best for their clients. They make use of the latest technology developments to produce advanced reporting and inventory management while tracking the entire logistics process.

Amware Logistics Services provide a unique breadth of product fulfillment services, from public and contract warehousing to transportation to contract packaging. They are dedicated to crafting customer-focused, quality-driven, cost-appropriate logistics solutions that smooth product flow, more efficiently manage inventory and trim costs for any size organization. With national reach, operational excellence, flexible services, and careful monitoring every step of the way, Amware offers an efficient and affordable logistics alternative.

About Amware Logistics Services
Amware Logistics Services offers a comprehensive suite of services which includes public (shared resource) and contract (dedicated resource) warehousing, dedicated fleet operations, return and repair operations, light assembly, pallet manufacturing operations, contract packaging and transload operations. Their Georgia 3rd party logistics operations include many specialty commodities, including lumber warehousing, pulp and paper warehousing, automotive parts warehousing, and food grade warehousing. They also provide special handling and transloading services in their 3PL warehouses at Lawrenceville, Morrow, Atlanta and Georgia.

To know more about them please visit or call them at call 678-377-8585.