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Amyg Investment Group Leads the Way in Facilitating the Strategic Procurement of Investment Education & Opportunities: Calling All Investors, Students and Experts

Amyg Investment Group Seeking Participants in Building a Financial Literacy & Investment Community


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/16/2013 -- With a vision to simply develop the best financial literacy and investment community in the world, Amyg Investment Group is going the crowd source-funding route to rope in investors.

"Earn while anyone learn and discover the closely guarded secrets of investing and trading, and learn how they can master the markets on their own" - Amyg Investment Group

With an ultimate goal of raising $30k in startup funding, potential investors of all financial literacy levels have a unique chance of becoming part of something really big, as initial contributions of as little as $25 offer access to just about anybody seeking to kick-start their financial education.

Those who simply aim to show their support, can pledge a donation of $1, which earns them their name added to the list of donors on the Amyg Investment Group website.

For those whose interest stretched beyond merely showing confidence in the project, long-term remuneration is on the cards, with Level 2 Investors required to contribute an initial investment of only $25. At this level, each member becomes a member of Amyg Investment Group and a 1-month membership, with higher contributors set to enjoy 4-months to 3-years membership. Higher level of contribution offers advanced levels of financial education, such as one-on-one investing and trading coaching.

Investment levels go right up to Level 8, which requires a contribution of $2,500. Investors at this level will earn a 3-year membership and45 sessions ofone-on-one investment coaching; a number of premium investments and trading publications to really advance this opportunity as a financial educational tool and solid income generator.

The Amyg Investment Group is headed up by Anthonely Jones (founder and Investor - AA in Computer Engineering and BS in Finance), Janelys Jones (Co-founder - BS in Political Science and Masters in Health Care Administration) and John Buckard (Webmaster - BS in Computer Science), a team of talented and knowledgeable visionaries who have spotted a gap in the strategic mass investments market and would like to share the wealth of knowledge and opportunities afforded by the investments environment.

In this way, Amyg Investment Group seeks to take advantage of the power of the masses acting together, introducing groundbreaking ways for anybody to learn about the financial markets, investing and trading, while profiting through those avenues as well.
Amyg Investment Group's pioneering and bold mission to create a large, interactive and supportive community of rapidly advancing players, in the field of financial investments and trading, is set to help make financial education available to those to which it was previously out of reach, helping each individual within the community grow in their financial knowledge while making returns on their investment.

About Amyg Investment Group
Amyg Investment Group is a startup community of investors, seeking funding to advance the launch of their community and provide financial education to the participating masses, together with an investment platform that yields financial rewards for all participants.

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