An Answer to Cancer - How Your Immune Body-Clock Can Assist Complete Remission on Navigating the Cancer Maze with Grace Gawler: Celebrating 2 Years on Voice America

Navigating the Cancer Maze: each week host Grace Gawler sources experts in cancer; oncologists, researchers, patients and caregivers putting a human face on the experience of cancer. Grace Gawler has 40 years experience in supportive care cancer medicine. She is an author, speaker, workshop leader, complementary medicine clinician and cancer strategist, who is herself, a survivor of a life challenging condition.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/07/2014 -- Featuring guests such as Martin Ashdown, a Melbourne based scientist and Research Fellow at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Melbourne, is typical of the calibre of interviews with the experts on Navigating the Cancer Maze. Grace Gawler’s interview with Martin Ashdown is powerful and informative, delivering previously obscure information about the role of timed delivery of various cancer therapies; information that may be critical to a patient’s survival.

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Martin Ashdown has made a remarkable observation. That the immune response in the late stage cancer patient is oscillating repeatedly over an approximate seven day period or cycle and, that this cycle can be measured to enhance delivery of treatment and therefore improve outcome. This observation may have profound implications for the timed delivery of various therapies, which via immune modulation may increase complete response rates, reduce toxicity and substantially reduce the cost of treatment. This technique, known as “Immune Synchronization” is believed to already happen accidentally in those patients who successfully respond to therapy with a complete response.

Navigating the Cancer Maze with Grace Gawler is broadcast live every Friday at 12 noon pacific time on VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel. Archives of Navigating the Cancer Maze can be found at http://www.voiceamerica.com/show/2125/navigating-the-cancer-maze Listen to Martin Ashdown when he joins Grace Gawler on Navigating the Cancer Maze this Friday 7 November 2014.

After interviewing Martin Ashdown, Grace Gawler says: “If Martin and his research colleague Brendon Coventry, an oncology surgeon are right; and it’s all in the timing of treatment then the face of cancer has just had a major makeover.” Martin Ashdown agrees: “These profound discoveries and their implications for patient outcomes from ‘timed delivery’ of various Cancer Treatments, is perhaps the most exciting cancer breakthrough in decades.” Martin Ashdown and colleagues also suggest that the drugs and resources to successfully treat cancer are already here, but need to be used more accurately; timed with the patient’s immune cycle.

It is imperative that genuine breakthroughs in cancer treatments are known to the body of people that are affected the most—the patients. Martin L Ashdown and his research colleague Brendon Coventry, Discipline of Surgery, University of Adelaide, Royal Adelaide Hospital, Australia want cancer patients and oncologists around the world to know about and utilise the outcomes of their research. Martin has co-designed trials at international institutions and presented at international conferences advocating monitoring patients prior to treatment and accurately timing therapy as pulses.

Martin Ashdown, a Melbourne University Research Fellow and his colleague Brendon Coventry, Discipline of Surgery, University of Adelaide, Royal Adelaide Hospital, Australia; want cancer patients and oncologists around the world to know about and utilise the outcomes of their research. In true scientific method thinking Martin throws down the medical gauntlet challenge “We are open to scrutiny he says—prove us to be wrong.”

For information please visit http://www.gracegawlerinstitute.com/immune-cycle-registry/

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