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Feltham, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/14/2015 -- Recent research by the outdoor travel and adventure brand Kathmandu has revealed that British people who leave the house on a daily basis, will spend an average of just 79 minutes outdoors. Yet one in five of those involved in the study said that they enjoyed outdoor activities of exercise – such as hiking and other pursuits. This suggests that although many people are not spending extended periods of time outside, they do see the appeal in outdoor activities. In turn, the figures are expected to promote endorsement of enjoyable and engaging outdoor activities so people feel comfortable in spending more time outside.

Being outdoors could be considered integral to a healthy lifestyle. After all, it offers opportunity for exposure to sunlight and essential vitamin D, as well as an open environment ideal for exercise. Yet that people spend just an average of 79 minutes outdoors when they do choose to go out, is potentially not as beneficial as a longer time in the outdoors and suggests that people tend to commit to short bursts of activity. A whole afternoon in the outdoors can be relaxing as well as constructive, and there are a number of experts advocating that people deserve to spend more time in the outdoors and enjoy it.

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Outdoor Hobby Shop are a key example of a provider of a range of shooting, bush craft and outdoor goods passionate about advocating exploration and time spent in the fresh air.

"Although the figures show that some time is spent outside and people acknowledge its benefits, this can always be increased – much to the benefit of the public," A spokesperson said "With the advantages of fresh air and exercise widely acknowledged, this can be embarked with an evening or even weekend outdoor trip which is sure to be fun. Why? The range of equipment we offer is testament to this – such as archery equipment and survival kits which really allows people to get to grips with the great outdoors. Of course, this is just one way of celebrating fresh air, but we want people to know that it is sure worth a try."

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