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An Exciting Alternative Income Option for People of All Careers

Synergy Referral Group offers Americans a way to earn the income they desire simply by being part of our trade association.


New York City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2012 -- If you have been looking for a good online platform that would help you earn extra income along with your regular work, then try out The company known as Synergy Referral Group (SRG) is an American Trade Association that offers their members an avenue to earn extra income while they are working at their regular jobs. There is no selling or buying of products, and there are no monthly fees. SRG brands itself as an Association that offers its members a chance to earn an extra income through membership referrals and trade consultations.

In a recent online interview, Bryan Delia, VP Marketing stated: “Our main market is the 25 to 55 year old corporate workers that are making between $50K -$150k a year. With SRG, they can earn an extra $25k to over $100k a year in recurring income just for referring one or two co-workers, family or friends every couple of months into our Association. No other organization offers this to their members”.

Mr. Delia went on to say: “Besides a way to earn extra recurring income, members receive outstanding benefits. Annual paid benefits include legal family protection, credit ID theft protection, healthcare savings, discounted travel, hotels, dining, entertainment and much more. Real savings a member’s family can use that adds up to more than the cost of joining SRG. Savings that can add up to thousands of dollars annually. Members also get their own customized SRG Trade website that will help promote them personally as an Independent Online Consultant (IOC) and the SRG Trade Association. The website even includes a web based back office that includes many business resources that will help show ways to promote SRG. Members receive 100% of the referral fee, paid directly to them and are not shared with anyone, not even SRG”.

The company has been developed for people who are busy with their career but also realize that they need another source to supplement their income, pay for their kids’ college and save for their retirement. If everything goes well with promoting, then members can go ahead and make this their main profession as an Association Consultant. Yes you read it right, has the prospects to become a main source of income and become a new career option. This is also a good opportunity for people who are tired of their job and want an option now that could relieve the stress involved in finding a new good paying career.

There are no strict rules in joining this Association other then you have to be referred and join through a member website. If you go directly to and sign in to view a 12 minute webinar that explains it all, your referral will come directly from the VP, Bryan Delia.

With this Trade Association you can work according to your own schedule and earn a substantial recurring income. There are many people who have been earning around $50k to over $100K per year and have made this their main business. Almost all of the people involved are more than satisfied with joining and many even left their jobs to concentrate on this becoming their way to financial security.

About Synergy Referral Group
SRG is a legally registered firm and has been helping many Americans earn the income they desire online. You can visit their website to know more about them through a webinar that the website directs you to after signing in. They are a private Association so your information will never be shared or sold. They have made a good name for themselves and have helped many people find an alternative source of income and a new career. This is not a sales & marketing jobs, MLM or a business opportunity. This is an income and benefits resource through joining an American Trade Association. SRG gladly donates a portion of the membership fee to two American charities, No Kids Hungry and Hire Our Heros.