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An Exciting New Horror/Thriller Novel by Martin and Elaine Stab Hits Online Bookshelves

Authors Martin and Elaine Stab give revenge a unique twist in an exciting new novel that spans decades. The thriller hits online bookstores this month.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/01/2012 -- Laura’s Wrath weaves a timeless tale of revenge as it launches in paperback and e-book format on Lulu.com and the Amazon Kindle Store this month, with other outlets to come at a later date. The launch makes this exciting new horror/thriller available to all online book shoppers as it hits the virtual shelves of Lulu.com and Amazon Kindle Store, the top two bookstores on the Internet today.

The novel, authored by Martin and Elaine Stab, tells a poignant yet thrilling story of revenge that spans decades and extends beyond generations. Initially set in 1865, with Laura McBride losing her husband Robert, by execution, for a crime he didn’t commit, the novel explores the uncertainties of life, and with Father O’Brien bound by canon law to let an innocent man die, it delves into the existential dilemma between good and evil. And as Laura’s wrath drives her to call on Satan for vengeance and lives on to terrorize Charles and Maria Weston in 1965, the novel explores the power of revenge that extends beyond time. This timely novel reaches into themes that are significant to any time, whether it be 1865, 1965, or the present. With model trains, nightmares, demonic apparitions, and satanic rape in the mix, Laura’s Wrath makes a thrilling, exciting, yet powerfully meaningful read.

With the e-book version now on the Amazon Kindle Store, it is possible for Kindle users to download this powerful new novel and start reading it in under a minute. Amazon currently charges $5.00us for the e-book, and the price includes free international wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet Service. For paperback collectors, Laura’s Wrath is also available on Lulu.com for $15.99 in a 262-page perfect-bound paperback format. Lulu.com will ship the novel in 3 to 5 business days.

A mix of horror and drama, exploring timeless themes like revenge, family, and history, Laura’s Wrath makes its entrance into the online literary world thanks to Lulu.com and the Amazon Kindle Store.

About the Authors Martin and Elaine Stab
Laura’s Wrath is Martin and Elaine Stab’s first novel on Lulu.com and on the Amazon Kindle Store. The novel was published in its first edition by dpdotcom January 22, 2012.