An Expert on Single Parenting Puts Emphasis on Balancing Family Life

Dr. Daryl D. Green focuses on broadening management tools and skills to both the home and the working environment, and to balance the stress factors involved in both worlds.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2013 -- “The complications that single parents experience while multi-plexing work and home duties should be the focus of the work performed by solutions-oriented consultants,”  states Dr. Daryl Green on the occasion of the release of the second edition of his book, My Cup Runneth Over: Setting Goals for Single Parents and Working Couples, with a video available at

The book reviews the many stressors that may impact families in the work environment that may compound the difficulties they experience parenting at home. His intent is to offer detailed methods of coping with, and optimizing the ability of career professionals to navigate the pressures of both.

“Life is very difficult for working professionals. In most organizations, managers operate in a very impersonal fashion” reports Dr. Green, “which leaves employees more exposed to stress and extraordinary pressures. Any help would be appreciated.” The emotional baggage of past or present lovers or spouses contributes to frustrations in managing both business and personal lives. While the single-parent life has certain advantages (no co-parent to answer to), the lack of backup, reserve finances from a second party and time intensive home duties can drain the energies of the career parent.

Dr. Green’s major strategy for addressing these stresses is to integrate their management within a model of leadership development (which he specializes in), where the parents set up specific goals and measurable outcomes to achieve in both areas. The release of Dr. Green’s book has received widespread acclaim for his approaches to parenting from media sources as diverse as USA Today, Ebony Magazine, and the Associated Press. He expects the movement of this book to continue to be as brisk for the Amazon sales of this and related publications.

Academic peers who deal in business management and family counseling concur with Dr. Green about the integrated and goal setting approach. Parenting coach Diana Boggia suggests that parents give up the myth of being the perfect parent because so many hours of your time must be away from the kids. “Be realistic. Don’t be friends with your child, and don’t give in to make up for being a single parent. Address tantrums with a low, slow tone of voice. Remain in charge, with kindness. Use empathetic phrases including, ’You seem disappointed,’  or ’I’ll try to make that happen’.” Dr. Green expects this more engaged coping with both parenting and careers will help to foster greater leadership development in the job world, and more family communication at home.

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