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An Extraordinary Journey for an Ordinary Cameron Man: Compelling Autobiography by 'Last Great Fur Trader' Preserves History of Canada's North

Written by Donald Leslie Cameron and sharing his abundant success and adventure, ‘An Extraordinary Journey for an Ordinary Cameron Man’ takes readers deep into Canada’s north as they meet fur traders, get a rare insight into the grassroots operation of Hudson’s Bay Company and eventually transition to life as a passionate public servant. Cameron achieved it all; and his life story is poised to preserve the little-told history of Canada’s north.


Salluit, QC -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2014 -- While born in Scotland, Donald Leslie Cameron has achieved more for Canada and its history books than most native Canadians could in in a lifetime. Leaving his home country at just seventeen and immersing himself in the people and customs of Arctic Canada, Cameron is a pillar of the nation’s pride and is now about to make a valid contribution to the history books through the release of his autobiography.

‘An Extraordinary Journey for an Ordinary Cameron Man’ not only puts some of Canada’s most important history on paper, but also urges its citizens to also live a life of achievement, success and seizing opportunity.


This book follows the journey of Donald Leslie Cameron, a Scotsman who left home at seventeen to work in the remote regions of Arctic Canada for the Hudson's Bay Co, skipping from island to island In the remotest outposts of the Canadian Arctic. Cameron's career brings him into contact with the fur traders and fishermen of the Inuit First Nations, with the adventurous men and women who populate the northernmost towns, and eventually, with the love of his life. Along the way, Cameron learns the trade of retailing and fur buying as a manager for the Hudson's Bay Co., rising through the ranks of the corporation and traveling half of Canada's northern expanse.

The work was prompted by Cameron's large family of six children, thirty eight grandchildren and five great grandchildren to capture the sense of accomplishment, to tell the tale of his adventure and to preserve his part of the history and geography of Northern Canada.

“Aside from placing my life in the nation’s wider history books, my story also comes with a powerful message for all Canadians and particularly youth,” explains Cameron. “It is one of believing in their dreams and accomplishing everything they put their heart to.”

Continuing, “Of course, I also want to capture and preserve the gripping history of Canada’s north. It’s mostly forgotten and is of course the backbone of the nation’s wider society. It’s tough to believe that a Scottish immigrant has achieved so much – and my story is just a microcosm of the wider tenacity and drive of those living in Artic Canada. I wouldn’t have traded my life for anything.”

The book makes an excellent resource not only for individuals, but also for schools and book clubs.

“There’s a perfect mix of personal vignettes and wider cultural awareness. I truly believe that every home and school should have a copy of my book, as it provides a look into a ‘world’ that is always north of you, but rarely given the attention it deserves,” Cameron adds.

‘An Extraordinary Journey for an Ordinary Cameron Man’, is published by Dorrance Publishing Company: http://dorrancebookstore.com.

About Donald Cameron
Donald Cameron was born on September 5, 1948, in Fort William Scotland. At the early age of seventeen, Cameron left Scotland to travel and work in Canada. He spent nineteen years working for the Hudson’s Bay Co. in remote Inuit and Cree First Nations outposts in Canada's far north. During the 1960s, 70s and 80s he was one of the last great fur traders and also a purchaser of fine Inuit sculptures, as well as successfully operating retail outposts for the Company. He went on to be a public servant and worked for the Inuit Municipal Council of Salluit as a Secretary Treasurer for the next seventeen year. Presently, his family resides Salluit, and for the past five years, Cameron has worked as a general manager for Nuvumiut Developments, assisting Inuit to become involved with the mining industry. His hobbies include fishing, hunting, and reading.