An Important Notice from Your Anaheim Emergency Dentists

Imagine that your family is having fun at Disneyland when, suddenly, you have a dental emergency


Anaheim, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2014 -- Accidents can happen anywhere at any time. Although serious injuries are rare on the rides at Disneyland, any place with large crowds and a high percentage of children may pose an elevated risk for an accidental injury. So, if you or your friends will be enjoying one of the Disney parks this summer, it is good to know what to do and where to go should disaster strike.

First aid stations: Both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure have first aid stations staffed by nurses. When people enter the park and get a map, they should make sure they know where the first aid stations are located. If someone in one’s group suffers a minor accident and can walk without further injury, one can go to the nearest aid station for treatment and assessment.

For a more serious accident, it is best to alert the nearest park staff member. He or she can call 911, give the exact location, and alert the park’s security staff that an ambulance has been summoned.

If the main injury is that a tooth has been knocked out or broken, drive to one of our 7 Day Dental offices in Anaheim for emergency treatment. The first thing to do at the accident site is to use a clean napkin or cloth to stop any bleeding. If a tooth or part of a tooth has been dislodged, try to find it. If the tooth is recovered, put it in a clean cup and cover with water. Milk is even better than water, if there is any. If one is near a bathroom, they can go to the sink and gently rinse the mouth with water, and reapply the cloth or paper towel.

Then, head for the dentist. One can call the 7 Day Dental main number 866-989-1335 for advice on which office would be open for a walk-in. For after-hours they may need to contact a dentist to meet them at the office. Both offices are less than 4 miles from the Disney parks. People can use their GPS or ask for driving directions over the phone. Emergency treatment available every day, including weekends and holidays. Most insurance accepted.

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