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An Infallible Tool to Check for Toxicity in the Human Body - Foot Detox Pads

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San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2012 -- Alternative health products are sometimes the most effective in bringing to light latent health issues, issues that bide their time under the surface. It would be very useful to check for abnormalities before it gives the individual a reason to notice it. As a means of checking for toxicity entering the body from the surroundings, it is extremely useful to try out the foot detox pads (which let the user find out whether any toxicity is present in the body). Once the individual is able to check for the presence of toxicity and measure, he or she is in a better position to do something about it.

The think-tank at the family owned business of BodyPure by WiseChoiceHealth has been able to come up with this product by distilling all their knowledge of human physiognomy, alternative health products and taking into account the current lifestyles of people, particularly in the urban areas. In addition to the foot detox pads, the BodyPure offers many services for analysis of toxicity. For example, Hair Analysis deals with analyzing the scalp, measuring the levels of essential elements and toxins.

The body naturally contains a level of trace elements in it. However, humans are regularly exposed to extraneous toxicity in their day to day live. This may come in from drinking water that has been left exposed to sunlight in a plastic bottle, or from a mercury tooth filling which starts to ooze out toxicity. Use of certain personal care products such as deodorant and some color pigments contained in make-up products might cause toxins to be absorbed into the skin.

As most of these products are for external use only and do not come into contact internally, the amount of toxins received by a body may be meager, but the deposits and residue pile on due to sloppy personal hygiene.

The solution is not long in coming. Foot Detox pads can detect the presence of toxins and remedial measures can be brought about without any pain for the customer. For example, the Hair analysis, which has been mentioned earlier, is non-invasive and requires only 0.25 gram of hair for the analysis. The report obtained after the analysis contains the commentary of the case and gives specific results, based on which future course of action may be planned.

Further information on a host of analyses and procedures is made available at http://www.bodypure.com/product-p/bodypure2x30days.htm . Those who buy the 30-day detox can avail a free toxin test. http://www.bodypure.com also provides in-depth information on the company and procedures suggested. Queries can be routed to customerservice@bodypure.com or 310-204-4484