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An Innovative App Designed to Boost Restaurant Revenue Set to Hit the Market This Spring


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/10/2019 -- Babu Pinnamraju CEO and co-founder of GrabQpons, announces the launch of GrabQpons, an innovative coupon app that offers enticing last-minute deals to diners and helps restaurants improve their bottom line.

Today's diners want quality and savings, as well as the ability to discover new dining options nearby. GrabQpons founders describe the app as "a pocket sized foodie who encourages you to dine out more and explore new restaurants near you; from casual dining, to high end or exotic restaurants… every time you're about to head out for a meal, you can check the app and see if any restaurants in your area have last minute deals."

Unlike reservation, food delivery, certificates, & deals platforms such as OpenTable, TripAdvisor,, Groupon, Grubhub or DoorDash which push customers to visit restaurants or place orders anytime they want, GrabQpons encourages diners to go to a restaurant at a specific time with substantial discounts.

This innovative approach enables restaurants to turn quality surplus food and low demand times into revenue by encouraging last-minute dining-out and take out decisions, while reaching new customers who discover the restaurant through the app's location-based feature. The restaurant controls the level of discount and the maximum number of discounts offered daily, and significantly reduces waste by driving traffic, instead of dumping surplus food in the trash.

Diners seeking quality and cost-friendly dining options are alerted real-time to last-minute deals from nearby restaurants, and they can book reservations or place takeout orders through the GrabQpons app. It's a win-win situation for both!

"While the technology trend in the hospitality space is driving customers away from dining out, GrabQpons aims to help restaurants 'regain market share' against big delivery companies that eat up their profits and taking over the restaurant industry, by enticing customers back into restaurant through dynamic pricing to create an 'efficient marketplace' where restaurants prices are tied more closely to real-time demand. "Hotels and airlines have been using dynamic pricing for years – it's time restaurants had that opportunity. Our vision is to to make quality surplus food affordable and accessible to everyone, and help food retailers cut food waste," says GrabQpons CEO Babu Pinnamraju.

The GrabQpons marketing team will begin Phase 1 onboarding of partners in Boston, Raleigh, Newark, New York, Hartford, Washington, DC,Houston, and Dallas during 2019.

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