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An Inspiration Tale of a Reggae Artist 'Anthony Brightly'

A Real Treat for Reggae Lovers


Miami Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/28/2012 -- Humble beginnings make a person stronger and better and there is nobody better to relate to this sentence than Anthony Brightly. An ace reggae artist, he has been in the music field since his childhood and has always been a big part of the music revolution in Britain. He was a part of the ‘black slate’ band for a very long time and has performed at several venues.

Till date his performances with the band are tagged as some of the best reggae performances Britain has ever seen. Even though Anthony split from the band, he continued to be a part of his dad’s sound system company contributing to the field of music through his active involvement. Anthony Brightly also opened a record label to help fellow artists follow their passion for music.

Anthony brightly has time and again proven that no matter what the circumstances, passion for music never dies and burns like a bright fire. His passion for reggae music and his faith continues to live on forever. This can be seen through his active work in producing pieces that reflect true love for reggae.

Anthony through his work has influenced many upcoming artists. He has in a way started a musical movement which has caught on with reggae music fans all over the world and it is this very effort that has kept the music alive in the hearts of millions. Anthony also hosts the annual Dejam festival and gathers musical talent from all over the world. Through such concerts and festivals, Anthony plans to carry on his commitment to the music world.

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