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An International Drug Trafficker Arrested in Dubai Awaits Extradition

If authorities determine the Belgian man didn’t commit any crime in the UAE, he will be extradited.


Dubai, UAE -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2020 -- Prosecutors in Dubai are examining an extradition request of a man suspected to be the head of an international drug trafficking ring. The 32-year-old suspect identified as Nordin EH is wanted by the Belgian authorities on several charges including drug trafficking. He was arrested in Dubai last week.

He was referred to prosecutors on June 18 on initial charges of possessing drugs to sell. His case file is currently being handled by the technical office of Dubai's attorney-general.

Nordin may be extradited to face charges in Belgium if Dubai prosecutors' investigations prove he had not committed any illegal acts in Dubai or in any part of the UAE.

The terms of extradition from the UAE to another country are laid out under the law, according to Dr Hassan Elhais, legal consultant with Al Rowaad Advocates.

"As per Federal Law No 39 of 2006 which governs the extradition of criminals, the procedure is to hand suspects over if their crimes did not happen in Dubai, or in any part of the UAE," said Elhais.

According to Brussels Times, Nordin EH is believed to be involved in several violent incidents in the Antwerp province. The newspaper reported that Belgian authorities confirmed the man has been arrested in Dubai.

This is the second high-profile arrest effected by authorities in Dubai this month. Danish national Amir Faten Mekky - who is the leader of one of the most dangerous international crime rings involved in murder, drug trafficking and money laundering - was arrested on June 3.

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