An iPad App to Rediscover the Focus on What Makes a Project Manager Succeed


Amsterdam, Netherlands -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2013 -- Delivering a project on time is not the only thing that makes a project manager successful. Project management is a mix of budgeting, planning, scheduling and tracking of various tasks allocated to a number of resources. To make life of a project manager easier & to provide the flexibility of managing onshore & offshore resourced projects, ajsle Creative Solutions BV has launched Milstone PM, an iPad app for project management.

Milestone PM is an end to end tool for project managers on the move. It centralizes all the relevant project information in one easy to use and flexible iPad app. Milestone builds on the standard resource, schedule, track and status report management in bringing travel budgeting, team as unit management and a clear and complete status report, ready for distribution and a dashboard for a quick one page reference on current status.

“This app was born out of the frustration of having to consult multiple resources to report on a project or address that single question, fumbling through countless folders and files to find that answer. Not pretty and even more so after a 17 hour flight. Milestone PM gives you that single overview and access to the supporting information to manage the project and proof the confidence that was placed on you” said BG Du Plessis from ajsle Creative Solutions BV.

Milestone PM include the standard project manager tools of scheduling, allocation, tracking and reporting of projects. In addition to the standard tools, MilestonePM has a focus on allocation of team as unit, travel budget, risk report change control and a single page dashboard for a quick reference on budget, current status and actual numbers. A complete status report ready for distribution and presentation, adds the finishing touch to the tools available for the modern project manager.

Milestone PM is freely available on the Apple app store over the following URL:

The app is free for any project manager who wants to manage one project but to add & manage more projects; there is a one-time fee of $8.99 USD.

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