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An Irresistible Bed Bug Solution

The answer to the growing bed bug crisis


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/06/2016 -- Bed bugs are becoming harder and harder to kill, they have built up a resistance to many pesticides, and the chemicals that are effective against them can be toxic to humans. The innovative scientists at Hygea Natural have found a solution.

Hygea Natural is a manufacturer and global supplier of natural bed bug treatment products. Their product line includes: bed bug spray, travel bed bug spray, waterproof and bed bug proof mattress covers, and lice treatment products.

Because bed bugs can evolve so fast, the methods of killing them that used to work are no longer useful. Aside from that, many bed bug pesticides are responsible for the near-extinction of birds, and cancer in humans. Traces of these chemicals can even be found in breast milk.

Bed bugs have developed immunity to some chemicals, and can survive up to 16 days after being sprayed. Luckily, Hygea Natural has developed a product line that neither bed bugs nor exterminators can resist!

Hygea Natural has created a product that uses no chemicals, and yet has been proven to have a 100% efficacy. The benefits of this are two-fold. For once, the Hygea Natural line is non-toxic, on the other hand it is made up of ingredients to which bed bugs can not become immune to, just like humans can not become immume to fire.

The creation of the extermination products was directed by Hygea Natural's innovative CEO Nicole Levine, who was seeking a solution to the recent bed bug epidemic taking over America. Her goal was to arm her staff, working for Hygea Natural's sister company BedBug911, with a treatment product that would be safe to use around her clients with respiratory issues. Today, the product line is used by professional exterminators, hotels, and the hospitality industry globally.

The List of Dangerous Pesticides:

- Propoxur
- Pyrethrum/Pyrethroids
- Chlorpyrifos

Although DDT was once a popular choice to exterminate bed bugs and other pests, the EPA has now either banned or extremely limited their use.

About Hygea Natural
The Hygea Natural products are fast acting, stopping bed bugs on contact. It is preferred by many DIY exterminators, as well as professionals, because of its non-toxic and powerfully effective qualities. With their eco-friendly pest management solutions, Hygea Natural is leading the extermination world into the green movement.

For more information on the company and it's products visit http://www.HygeaNatural.com